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Jhenyfy Muller is a fashion filmmaker, video editor and creative director. She has worked internationally with clients including Vogue, Marie Claire, Harper's Bazaar, Schön Magazine, Bloomingdales, Dior, L'officiel, Mac Cosmetics, Cartier, and others. In 2021 Jhenyfy she has been nominated with her music video "Underwater" as Best Music and her Vogue short film "The Great Escapade" as Best Cinematography at LFFF. In 2022 she has been awarded at the London Fashion Film Festival with her film "Wanted". In 2023 Jhenyfy has been awarded at the ASVOFF Film Festival in Paris with her film "I Remember My Dream" as Best Art Direction and Best Styling, and nominated with her short film "The Past Imperfect of Time" as Best Cinematography and Best Editing at London Fashion Film Festival. Jhenyfy has been working in the fashion industry for over 15 years and studied film editing at the University of Arts London - UAL and London Film Academy. Jhenyfy is part of SALOON London, a professional network for women in the art world and also part of


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Eisa Jocson  2'13" short film | live performance 5'24" 
Michelle Dizon  3'31" short film
Lizza May David & Gabriel Rossell Santillán  4'17" short film
April 2019

Short film of MOTIONS OF THIS KIND the exhibition that happened at the SOAS University of London involving 11 artists such as Yason Banal | Jon Cuyson | Lizza May David & Gabriel Rossell Santillán | Cian Dayrit | Michelle Dizon | Eisa Jocson | Amy Lien & Enzo Camacho | Kat Medina | Mark Salvatus.

Inspired by the curious indeterminacy of Newton’s analysis, Motions Of This Kind will explore not simply “the rise and fall of the tides”, but, as Filipino historian Ricardo Manapat suggested, the “historical ebb and flow of ideas.” Newton’s work will thus set us off, inadvertently, on an exploration of the turbulent temporal currents flowing between Europe and Southeast Asia, the undertows that can both hasten and delay the circulation of knowledge.

Commissioning new works and developing ongoing projects by 11 artists from, or working in, the Philippines – each of whom examine transnational and temporal themes in their practice – as well as featuring a display of materials from the never before exhibited Ifor B. Powell archive held at SOAS, Motions Of This Kind will chart the historical and contemporary forces linking this archipelagic chain with other key spheres of global power. By placing the theme of belatedness as our principal concern however – as both a concept, reference, and argument – the project will underscore the way time has been used both as a weapon of power and a tool of everyday resistance, a way of dominating the marginalised and creating alternative imaginations alike.

Yet whilst Motions Of This Kind is the UK’s first institutional thematic exhibition of contemporary art from the Philippines, the show refuses to act as another (belated) survey of “art from elsewhere” – in which the culture of the ‘periphery’ is extracted from its origin and surveilled in the ‘heart’ of the global art centre. By rejecting the need to “fix” the Philippines as one determinate thing or place, the exhibition continues to explore Newton’s indeterminacy as central to both the methodology and concept of the project: Exploring the perplexing tides, the unmapped channels, the strange motions of this kind equally apparent in the work of our eleven artists, Motions Of This Kind acts as a speculative mapping beyond the dominant historical narrative, a refiguring of knowledge beyond these neighbouring shores.



Motions Of This Kind is curated by Renan Laru-an, Merv Espina and Rafael Schacter. The Foyle Special Collections Gallery is curated by Cristina Juan and Delphine Mercier.

MOTIONS OF THIS KIND : Propositions & Problems of Belatedness   
26 mins short film April 2019  (full version)
October 2017

Short film of SILVER SEHNSUCHT the exhibition that happened at the SILVER BUILDING involving 13 artists such as Brad Downey | Christian Jankowski | Christiane Sun Kim | Christopher Stead | James Bridle | Jazoo Yang | Khadija Von Zinnenburg Carroll | Mark Salvatus | Helena Hunter & Mark Peter Wright | Paola Torres Nunez Del Prado | Poklong Anading | Rosana Antoli | William Mackrell .

Sometimes you can be nostalgic for what is yet to come. That strange feeling of longing for a future as yet unknown, that melancholic pining for the possible. Sometimes a space can do this, a space laden with time, a space filled with the past that is moving fast towards a future. A space inhabiting multiple temporalities, multiple tenses. SILVER SEHNSUCHT aims to interrogate this particular feeling of ambivalence, to uncover the fragments of past actions, the residues of present longing, and the dizzily flickering futures that exist within all spaces and all times.

Focusing in particular on the district of Silvertown in which the exhibition is situated, a space stranded somewhere between the colonial forces of Britain's past (the home of the eponymous S.W. Silver and Co Rubber Works but so too of the East India Company and Tate & Lyle) and the shiny financial power of it's present (of Canary Wharf and the site formerly known as the Millennium Dome), the post-industrial spaces which surround The Silver Building are currently on the verge of a major transformation, an impending regeneration project which strikes right at the heart of the eponymous Sehnsucht of our tittle.

That explains the Silver, but what is this Sehnsucht? Much like the Portuguese expression saudade, the German term Sehnsucht is a word famously difficult to translate into English. Often simply rendered as nostalgia, Sehnsucht, in fact, moves far from the historically directed leaning of its English translation. Working through prospection and evaluation as much as retrospection, encompassing sensibilities for past, present and future simultaneously, Sehnsucht can be understood to emphasise an affirmative yearning toward the possible rather then stale turn to the past. It can thus be grasped as a term which acts to stimulate and galvanise progress, bringing together what is gained and lost, what is present and absent, even whilst functioning within a fundamentally ambivalent modality.

Bringing together artists working across sound, performance, video, and installation, SILVER SEHNSUCHT will thus critically reflect on both the strange merging of temporalities that the term connotes as well as the ways these are reflected in the location of Silvertown itself. It will explore the bittersweet feeling which emerges from the increasing speed of contemporary world, the feeling of loss for something unknown in the anxious precess of ushering in something new.

 Silver Sehnsucht Exhibition, curated by Mara-Johanna Kölmel, Silvana Lagos and Rafael Schacter.

SILVER SEHNSUCHT 7 mins short film October 2017
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